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See What Our Customers Have to Say

"When the last hail storm hit our home we were out of town and did not even realize we had damage to our home. Greg was next door looking at our neighbor’s roof and stopped by to let us know that our neighbor had significant damage to their home and offered us a free inspection. He sat down with us and showed us the photos of the damage and his damage assessment report. He educated us on the insurance process and helped us call in the claim to our insurance company. He was there to meet with our adjuster when he came out and he was able to agree with the adjuster on what repairs needed to be made and what the cost of those repairs should be. 10 days later the roof on our house, pool house, gazebo and guest house were replaced and looked fantastic. Greg delivered on everything he promised to us and more. He definitely exceeded our expectations and we referred him to inspect our daughter’s house 2 blocks away." 

- R.E and Norma Wolfe, Denver, CO

"I used Recovery Roofing to replace the roof on my house before I sold it because it failed the inspection. Recovery Roofing came out the next day put together a bid and promised they would have it done it 5 days. I signed a contract with them; picked a color and 4 days later my roof was replaced and looked great. The house sold 2 weeks later and everyone was happy. Thanks to Recovery Roofing and my realtor for recommending them."

- Taryn Klatka, Broomfield, CO

"When my roof was denied full replacement by my insurance company I called Recovery Roofing based on a co-workers recommendation. Greg came out to my house and did a full inspection including photos. Greg's knowledge of the insurance process was very impressive and he assured me that the whole roof needed replacement and based on his 10 years as an adjuster, my insurance company should be paying for it. He submitted his report to my agent and they sent out a second adjuster to meet with Greg. The second adjuster agreed with Greg and the entire roof was paid for. Thanks to Recovery Roofing and Greg  for helping me get what was fair. The roof looks great and I would recommend them to anyone."

- John Stuckenschneider, Littleton, CO